SH15皇马赞助商bwin合金bwin登陆 Amorphous Metal Transformer
Amorphous Metal Transformer产品概述 SH15皇马赞助商bwin合金bwin登陆是全充油密封型。原理同密封型电力bwin登陆。皇马赞助商bwin合金的基础元素是铁、镍、钴、硅、硼、炭等组成。是一种向同性的软磁材料,磁化功力小,不存在阻碍畴壁移动的
Amorphous Metal Transformer产品概述 SH15皇马赞助商bwin合金bwin登陆是全充油密封型。原理同密封型电力bwin登陆。皇马赞助商bwin合金的基础元素是铁、镍、钴、硅、硼、炭等组成。是一种向同性的软磁材料,磁化功力小,不存在阻碍畴壁移动的结构缺陷,厚度极薄,只有0.027mm,填充系数相应变小,只有0.75~0.8,电阻力很高,是硅钢板的3~6倍,硬度是硅钢片的5倍,皇马赞助商bwin合金材料对应力特别敏感。 SH15皇马赞助商bwin合金bwin登陆可把电网电压变成系统负载所需要的电压,实现电能的传递与分配。皇马赞助商bwin合金bwin登陆可取代硅钢片铁心的bwin登陆而广泛使用于户外的配电系统。皇马赞助商bwin合金bwin登陆的大量入网运行可取得良好的节能效果并可减少对大气的污染。SH15皇马赞助商bwin合金bwin登陆特别适用于电能不足和负荷波动大以及难以进行日常维护的地区。由于SH15皇马赞助商bwin合金bwin登陆采用全密封结构,绝缘油和绝缘介质不受大气污染,因而可在潮湿的环境中运行,是城市和农村广大配电网络中理想的配电设备。 Amorphous Metal Transformer Amorphous metals were first created at Caltech by Pol Duwez in 1957. Duwez created the amorphous metal by cooling an alloy (Au80Si20) from a liquid state in under a fraction of a second. The cooling rate had to exceed a million degrees Kelvin per second, so cooling the metal from the liquid state to a solid state had to occur in milliseconds. Cooling this quickly prevented the metal from crystallizing like a typical metal, giving it its unique amorphous structure. At the beginning, the forms of amorphous metal were limited, consisting mostly of thin ribbons, foils, and wires. These constraints were enforced by the necessity of a fast cooling rate. An amorphous metal is a metal with a disordered atomic structure, in contrast to most metals, which have a regular structure. These substances are also called metallic glasses, because one way of making amorphous metals resembles the procedure for making glass, but using metal instead of silica. Studies indicate that amorphous metals may be more than twice as strong as normal metal, and are ideal for military armor, weighing the same as ordinary metal. Because of the material's disordered structure, it is also more resistant to corrosion and wear.
Throughout the 1980s, materials scientists experimented with different alloys, to decrease the necessary cooling rate for creating amorphous metals. They succeeded in bringing down the critical cooling rate from hundreds of Kelvins per second to just one Kelvin per second, making the manufacturing of bulk metallic glasses more feasible. In 2004, researchers succeeded in bulk amorphous steel, paving the way for wider commercialization of the material. Amorphous metal suitable for commercialization was first made in 1976 by C. Graham and H. Liebermann. They used a supercooled fast-spinning wheel to create bulk quantities of amorphous metal suitable for low-loss power distribution transformers, commercialized under the name Metglas. Amorphous metal can be quickly magnetized and demagnetized, leading to power savings when used in transformers on the electrical grid. 70–80% less power is consumed by amorphous metal transformers, reducing CO2 emissions and saving power. Today, amorphous metal transformers are used widely in India and China, where they have been used to successfully cut greenhouse gas emissions. Amorphous Alloy Distribution Transformer of 11KV:  
Amorphous Alloy Distribution Transformer of 11KV:
Rated  Voltage  No-load  Load Loss  No-load 
Power  (KV) Loss (W) (W) Current (%)
(KVA) HV(KV) LV(KV)      
30 6 0.4 33 600 1.7
50   43 870 1.3
63 6.3 50 1040 1.2
80   60 1250 1.1
100 10 75 1500 1
125   85 1800 0.9
160 10.5 100 2200 0.7
200   120 2600 0.7
250 11 140 3050 0.7
315   170 3650 0.5
400   200 4300 0.5
500   240 5150 0.5
630   320 6200 0.3
800   380 7500 0.3
1000   450 10300 0.3
1250   530 12000 0.2
1600   630 14500 0.2
2000   750 17400 0.2
2500   900 20200 0.2
Note: Yyn0 can be used when it’s the 3- phase and 3-limb core which the transformer adopted;

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