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33KVDISTRIBUTIONTRANSFORMERTechnicalDataSchedule FOR25KVA Description Unit TANESCO Bid Itcomplieswith Internationalstandard IEC76 IEC76 Manufacturer GuangdongGua
Description Unit TANESCO Bid
It complies with International standard   IEC 76 IEC 76
Manufacturer     Guangdong Guangte Electric Co.,Ltd
Country of origin     China
Nominal frequency Hz 50 50
Nominal power rating kVA 25 25
Maximum continuous power rating kVA 25 25
Nominal primary voltage kV 33/11 33/11
Nominal secondary voltage kV 0.4 0.4
Type of Cooling   ONAN ONAN
Winding Polarity/Vector Group   Dyn11 Dyn11
Number of Tap Positions   5 5
Percentage Regulation per Tap % 2.5 2.5
Basic Impulse Level 33/11 kV kV 170/75 170/75
Impedance % 4 4
Short Circuit Current kA 25 at full load 25 at full load
Short Circuit Duration Sec 2 2
X/R Ratio   Specify IEC76-5
Duration of Overload: 25 % Min. 60 60
50% Min. 1 1
Design continuous ambient temperature °C 40 40
Average winding temperature rise °C 55 55
Top oil temperature rise °C 50 50
Maximum hot spot temperature °C 98 98
Temperature Gradient °C / /
Flux Density T 1.65 1.65
RIV level at 1Mhz µV   250000
Core losses kW   0.17/0.13
Winding losses kW   1/0.6
No load current (at full voltage) A   2.1
Regulation at full load: PF=1 %   98.78/98.98
PF=0.85 %   99.21/99.35
Silicone Steel: Manufacturer/country of origin/Type/Grade %   Wuhan Steel Group/China/30Q120
Conductor for HV Windings: Manufacturer/country of origin/Type/Grade     Luoyang Copper Co., Ltd /China/T2
Conductor of LV Windings: Manufacturer/country of origin/Type/Grade     Luoyang Copper Co., Ltd /China/T2
Conductor Material:      
HV Windings     Cooper
LV Winding     Cooper
Conductor Shape:      
HV Windings     Round
LV Winding     Round
Maximum current density:      
Copper A/   3.8
Aluminium A/   2.2
HV Bushings: Manufacturer/country of origin/Type/Grade     Yachen/China/BLQ-35/315/ Yachen/China/BLQ-12/315
LV Bushings: Manufacturer/country of origin/Type/Grade     Yachen/China/BF-1/315
Bushing Catalogue Number:      
HV     50261/50250
LV     50200
Bushing Basic Impulse Level:      
HV kV   170/50
LV kV   /
Bushing Power Frequency Withstand:      
HV kV   70/28
LV kV   3
Puncture Voltage of HV Bushings kV    
Creepage Distance:      
HV Bushings 33/11kV mm   1080/360
            LV Bushings mm   /
Are arcing horns fitted? (y/n)     Yes
Are arcing horns adjustable? (y/n)     Yes
Spark gap 33/11 mm   100-250/25-80
Impulse flashover level with arcing horns fitted kV   170/70
Slope of upper surface of bushing shed                                                             /
Can bushings be de-tanked without detaching cover? (y/n)     N
Colour of bushing porcelain     Brown
Type of HV Terminal     Stud
Metal used for terminal     Cooper
Stud Diameter mm   12
Are conic spring washers fitted? (y/n)     Y
Range of permissible conductor sizes   3.8
Minimum phase to phase clearance mm   380/240
Minimum phase to earth clearance mm   /
Bushing to arrester clearance mm   120
Type of HV Terminal     Stud
Type of LV Terminal     Stud
Metal used for terminal     Cooper
Stud Diameter mm   12
Range of permissible conductor sizes sq. mm   /
Type of atmospheric protection     Tinned
Minimum phase to phase clearance mm   380240
Minimum phase to earth clearance mm   /
Continuous current rating A   300
Type of earth terminal     Stud
Spring and lock washers included? (y/n)     Yes
Tap Changer: Manufacturer/Country of origin/ Type/Grade     Zhejiang, China, T 50/35
Can tap changer switch be locked? (y/n)     Yes
Circuit breaker : Manufacturer/country of origin     /
Catalogue number     /
International standard it complies with     /
Rated Voltage 33/11 kV   /
Rated Current A   /
Symmetrical Breaking Capacity kA rms   /
Rated Marking Current kA prak   /
Degree of Washer Protection     /
Dimensions: Length mm   /
Width mm   /
Height mm   /
Weight in service kg   /
Transformer Oil: Manufacturer/ Country of origin/ Type/Grade     Sinopec/China/25#
Quantity of Oil L   80/60
Tank Construction   Hermetically Sealed Hermetically Sealed
Type of Steel   Mild Steel Mild Steel
Grade of Steel   Mild Steel Mild Steel
Shape of Tank     Rectangular
Minimum thickness of: Tank Steel: mm 3 4
Top Cover: mm   6
Cooling Surfaces: mm   1.2
Grade of stainless steel weldwire (if applicable)     /
Is tank fully filled with oil? (y/n)     Y
Top oil temperature for 100kN/ °C     60
Steady load to give top oil temperature (30°C ambient) kW   1.17/0.73
Steady load to give top oil temperature (30°C ambient and solar radiation of 120w/sq.m) kW   /
Type of cooling surfaces     Corrugated
Type of metal on earth terminal     Cooper
Is pressure relief device offered? (y/n)     Y
Relief pressure for relief device kPA/     25
If no pressure relief device offered how will tank behave under overpressure?     /
Are transformers tested for leakage? (y/n)     Y
Corrosion protection     Yes
Galvanizing: Type/Grade   Hot dip Galvanised Hot dip Galvanised
Galvanizer     /
Core Type     Wounded core type
Tank Dimensions:      
Width mm   700/500
Depth mm   1000/880
              Height mm   1450/1000
Diameter mm   /
Can transformers be handled by forklift? (y/n)   Yes Yes
Weight of tank kg   80/60
Weight of core and windings kg   200/130
Weight of oil at 20°C kg   180/100
Total weight of transformer ready for service kg   550/300
Shipping weight of transformer kg   580/330
Guarantee period Months   12
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